Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Marauder Giant - Every Dwarf Army Should Have One!

    In my personal opinion this guy belongs in a Dwarf Army.  The question is whether he stole the barrel of Bugman's, was given it as payment to fight or  needs a little liquid courage to stand next to a bunch of crazed Giant Slayers haha.

I have always loved this model.  When I was a kid I saved up my money and bought it from a little shop, hidden in the market, in Inverness, Scotland.  It's amazing the sheer size of this model and the weight of all that beautiful metal.

I never got round to painting him when I was younger, although I did use him in a couple of rough rules battles (excellent for knocking down castle gates made of books and paint pots).  I decided to throw some color on him and see if I could bring him to life.