Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Slayer Color Expirement

Still not too sure I like the blue hair, maybe not quite terrifying enough, something about red slayer hair screams "I'm completely mental, I have a big axe, and I'm not afraid to die!"  Might have to throw these guys in the Pit of Paint Remover Hell. 

Ratnik Ratcatcher

I was one of the lucky few that managed to get an order of Ratnik's Dwarfs at ursamajorminiatures.com before they sadly were no longer available any more.  The detail and creativity of Ratnik's Dwarfs are truly amazing, it makes me happy as a collector of metal miniatures to know that we have amazing sculptors out there that keep producing great Dawi.  Ratnik will be making his complete line of Dwarfs available over at Lead Avdventure with some great new sculpts.  You can check out the thread here http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=35147.0. All I can say is WOW!

Here is my Ratnik Ratcatcher that I entered (and won!) in the monthly painting competition at Bugmans Brewery.  www.bugmansbrewery.com


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Dwarf Outpost

Here's my Dwarf Outpost.  I originally started building a tower out of pink insulating foam and kept adding and adding until this piece took shape.  90% of this piece is nothing but insulating foam and paint.  I added the moss to the walls to give it an older look and made sure the walls looked like the had taken a few hits from stonethrowers etc.  The last thing I added to the fort was the face on the wall.  I felt the fort was lacking something that made it a Dwarf outpost so I added the face and I think it really made the whole piece come alive.   I'll add a few progression photos as soon as I can find them!


Couple more photos showing details and add-ons.




Well I have finally got off my stubborn Dwarf rump and decided to start a blog to track my collection and painting of Dwarf miniatures.  This blog will serve as a visual and literary document of the madness and euphoria that comes from collecting and painting a fantasy wargames army.  I hope you enjoy viewing the blog and my posts, thanks for stopping by!